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About The Keller Group

Brant Keller, CFP
As a longtime Certified Financial Planner before turning to a full-time career in real estate, Brant Keller is equipped to provide his clients with a degree of proficiency seldom found in the industry. Not only is Brant able to advise on all intricacies of the real estate transaction, using his deep local knowledge to guide based on up-to-date market analyses, he has an expert’s perspective on estate, investment, and tax implications, allowing buyers and sellers to reach truly informed decisions. Client testimonials amply support these claims, with Brant receiving consistent 5-star ratings for his professionalism, open communication, and personalized attention.

Donna Keller
With a diverse background to her credit, there’s no doubt that Donna Keller found her professional home in real estate. Donna is as adept at working with first-time homebuyers, supporting clients through the nuances of that transaction, as she is at working with investment buyers. She maintains a deep base of knowledge about the local market, including condos as well as single-family homes. When it comes to client relationships, Donna is committed to personally guiding buyers and sellers through the process, offering one-on-one consultation and assistance. When Donna is able to connect the right person with the right property, culminating with satisfied smiles around the closing table, that is the greatest possible reward.